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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Here you can learn more about some of our partners and how we work together to accomplish the amazing!

Here we would like to share with you some of the partners and organizations that we work with that help us to make the improvements to the community that we support, Nuevo Durango. This small community has come a long way since we first began to visit back in 2007. With the help of volunteers, the locals in the community and other organizations we are able to provide the members of this community with a better quality of life and the children with the chance of having a better future. As we strive to provide, we can't do it alone! We would like to take this opportunity to recognize a few of the organizations and partners that we work with!

We would also like to invite you to become a partner of Dreams for Mayan Children and what are the benefits to you as an individual and/or business! Find out below!


One of our biggest achievements, still in progress, is the Kindergarten Restoration Project. We want to give a big shout out to AidNow and Tiffany Mosher, the International Mission Director of AidNow, for helping us with a $5,000 grant that provided the necessary materials to give the tiny kindergarten a facelift. The area will have nice entrance, larger play area and small veggie garden. Thanks to the hard working dads that did the construction!

Patty takes you on a little tour of what the school was like before construction began:



Phase 2 is currently on hold due to the Covid 19 pandemic but we will return strong to add the finishing touches! Bringing smiles to the children is what we do best!! Stay tuned....


The next partner organization that deserves a big THANKS is Positive Legacy! You can check out their website and awesome Facebook page to see what other projects that they are involved in.

Isn't that video great!? As you can see so much can be accomplished when like minded people join forces for a common goal! Thanks to their grant and all the volunteers we were able to make some very big changes in such a short amount of time! Look at all those smiles!

The next partner that we would like to thank is Pure Paradise Travel. This travel agency has been with us for years and will remain a lifelong partner of Dreams for Mayan Children. They arrange several historical experiences to the Mayan ruins and then into modern day Mayan communities such as Punta Laguna and Nuevo Durango. As you take a step back into history and learn about the beginning of the Maya people you can then appreciate how they live in modern day while maintaining so much of their original culture. A portion of the proceeds from every reservation is donated to Dreams for Mayan Children and the community of Nuevo Durango.

Why does Pure Paradise Travel Agency make such a good partner?

As stated on their website, "Our goal is to support conservation and preservation projects with the communities we explore on our tours. We believe that traveling this path gives you the power to protect wildlife, improve communities, and preserve cultural heritage."


Would you like to become a partner, volunteer or donate!? Please go to the Volunteer/Donate page for more information! We would love to welcome you to the Dreams for Mayan Children family!

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