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 Wouldn’t you like to take your vacation to the next level? You have the chance to experience the natural wonders that Mexico has to offer while making a difference! Our partner, Pure Paradise Travel, offers experiences to travelers and a portion of the proceeds go to supporting the indigenous communities. We work with other organizations and accept donations but we are passionate about sharing the experiences with you! All of the experiences are worth a look and let us know how we can customize yours! 

Responsible Tourism / Eco-tourism

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One of the best experiences that we offer is called Traveling the Mayan Route! We will take you on an unforgettable journey into an authentic modern-day Mayan community that Dreams for Mayan Children is all about, Nuevo Durango. Take the Charity Challenge and join us for this unique 1 to 3 day trip! Challenge yourself to do something different on your next trip to Mexico! Hike through the jungle observing different species of birds, see the spider monkeys jumping through the trees, experience a Mayan ceremony, zip-line across the most tranquil lagoon, swim in a cenote, rappel into a cave to explore the underground labyrinth and breathe in nature, just to mention a few. In the communities you will discover and learn hands-on about the Ancient Mayan Culture and modern day sustainable living!

Visit the organic farm and join in to cook a real Mayan cuisine. Come meet Enrique Wilcob, a local guide and his beautiful family. Learn how to make tortillas by hand and even a hammock! This is such a treat! Learn about medicinal healing plants that they have been using for centuries. You’ll be amazed at what you find at the local insect museum. Take a tour at the Animal Sanctuary UMA Nojoch Keej, with Don Manuel Trinidad and his family. They will teach you about the importance of preservation of the white deer and other local species along with the Melipona Bees and the importance of biodiversity for our planet. See what you can challenge yourself to do by clicking the button below! 

An Unforgettable Experience!

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