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Dreams for Mayan Children!

Get Involved in the Volunteer Program

Even though Dreams for Mayan Children has been working with the communities since 2007, we have just achieved the not for profit certification in 2017. We need to search for grants, private funding, and community participation to accomplish our goals in enhancing such a wonderful place. Since the first visit we have been passionate about helping and supporting the Mayan communities because they are such warm, giving, wonderful people. They exhibit the kind of lifestyle that most of us will never get to witness, a lifestyle true to the history and culture of Mexico. We are dedicated to helping this community thrive while staying true to the way of life. 

Having participation from the members of the communities we visit and all those wonderful volunteers who come together in our quest really makes the difference in achieving these goals! If you would like to see a different side of Mexico, the genuine heart of the country, come with us! Visiting and helping out gives you a real sense of satisfaction and purpose to your travels! When you visit the community you have the opportunity to give in so many ways whether it be taking part in an infrastructure improvement, participating in one of the music classes, teaching something of your own expertise in the classroom, the options are endless. Not only do you take home part of the magic of the community but you get to leave a little part of you with them that will last a lifetime. One way that you can visit the community is by taking part in the experience that we call Travel the Maya Route.  DON'T HESITATE! GO NOW AND LEARN MORE!

 This type of experience is perfect for company retreats and team building!

How can we help you to convince your boss and/or coworkers!? 

As a company / business why should you sponsor a non-profit foundation?


  • Employee moral - Studies have shown that to take active interests in your own community (and those of your employees), can lead to a boost in employee motivation. If a company chooses to make a corporate donation, workplace culture can improve with increased employee involvement and a positive general attitude. (Forbes, May 5, 2015)

  • By supporting a foundation / charity you bring positive attention to your business and in turn can increase your own social presence. If you become a sponsor/volunteer/partner we will recognize you in our social media, website and can provide you with a certificate of recognition to display in your local. We can also provide you with material to share on your site and social media as well! 

Travel with a Purpose! 

One of our partners, Pure Paradise Travel can offer and arrange day trip "EXPERIENCES" to various places throughout the Mayan region to visitors of this part of Mexico so that you get a taste of the Mayan culture of the past and present. The experiences and activities that they offer will guarantee that you will have the time of your life while you are here in our little corner of paradise! A portion of the proceeds that come from these experiences are used to fund the Dreams for Mayan Children foundation and allows us to purchase the materials that we need for the community. There are several options on their website to chose from. If you are planning a trip to the Riviera Maya please take a minute to check out some of the experiences they offer and take your vacation to the next level! 


We would love for you to experience the love and magic that lies deep in the jungle of Mexico! We welcome you to join our growing family! You can join us on Facebook to stay up to date on our current and upcoming projects as we plan them! To learn more about becoming a volunteer contact us through the website or on Facebook! 

Supporting DMC by Monetary Donations

If you aren't able to travel to this part of Mexico but would like to support Dreams for Mayan Children and contribute to the continuing improvements of the community you may do so by making a monetary donation via Paypal. Because DMC is a recognized non-profit organization we are able to provide you with the necessary documentation to claim the deduction on your next tax filing. 

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Come for a Visit, Get Involved, Make a Difference!

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