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Luscious Palm Leaves

 We will take you on an unforgettable journey into an Authentic Mayan Community. This is a unique 1 to 3 day trip, depending on the challenge you wish to accept! You will walk through the jungle observing different species of birds, see the spider monkeys jumping through the trees, experience a Mayan ceremony, zip-line across the most tranquil lake, swim in a cenote, and breathe in nature. In the communities you will discover and learn hands on, the Ancient Mayan culture, real sustainable living!

Responsible Tourism / Eco-tourism / non-profit organization for Mayan children


Visit the organic farm and join in to cook a real Mayan cuisine. Come meet Enrique Wilcob, a local guide and his beautiful family. Learn how to make tortillas by hand and even a hammock, this is such a treat! Learn about medicinal healing plants that they have been using for centuries.  You’ll be amazed at what you find at the local insect museum. Take a tour at the Animal Sanctuary UMA Nojoch Keej, with Don Manuel Trinidad and his family. They will teach you about the importance of preservation of the white deer and other local species along with the Melipona Bees and the importance of biodiversity for our planet.  Become a green leader!!


Looking for ADVENTURE?  Try Cave Exploration! 

We have several caverns waiting to be explored!


Learn  how DMC makes an impact in Nuevo Durango! 

On weekends we have our music program that you can make your heart melt! 

During the week we can set up a time where you can visit the local school and participate or share with the kids. If we have an ongoing project to restore one of the infrustructures or build something new don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

The communities are located in the southern part of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and the border with the Yucatán state around a 2 hour drive from Cancun or about a 40 minute drive from Tulum. 


The Communities 

  • Nuevo Durango - Meet Enrique Wilcab, your local guide. We guarantee he will make sure you have the best experience! He can take you into the natural caves and caverns, UMA Nojoch Keej - Animal Sanctuary, and DMC educational / cultural  center. He will also share with you the gastronomy of the region, share in meals made with locally grown produce, prepare food with families, and learn to build a garden at home.

  • Punta Laguna (Spider Monkey Reserve) -  with the local cooperative Najil Tucha that organizes wildlife watching activities especially spider and howler monkeys, low impact activities such as hiking and canoeing, and adventure activities with zip lines over the lagoon and observation of birds. 

  • Campamento Hidalgo -  Come visit the elementary school.

  • Laguna Chabela - with the Cahum Family you learn about ancient uses and customs, since the family lives off the land away from public wiring and lighting, and strive to maintain the old lifestyle, without the use of plastics and practicing
    self-consumption. With them, you can go hiking to visit the lagoon and have the great opportunity to camp in the jungle under the stars!

  • Esmeralda Cenote - a small community made up of 8 families who live around the beautiful Cenote Aktun Zotz (bat cave in Maya T'aan), where the inhabitants benefit directly, and you can also get to know their Community and their farmyard and backyard. A little paradise!

  • - Tres Reyes (Three Kings) the largest community in this area, where we participate in Temazcal Ceremonies together with our beloved Octavio Yah, to honor our ancestors and we visit with Grandfather Don Crisanto, who tells us of his experiences and his knowledge of medicinal plants .

Transportation - 

If you have your own vehicle we can connect you with the appropriate people.

If you need transportation we can also connect you with our partners to assure your safe arrival.



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Authentic Food
Cave Exploration
Melipona Bees
Locally made products.
Sustainable living!
Organic Farming
Family Meal Time
A Refreshing Dip
New Friends
The Lagoon
The Music Program
Spider Monkeys
Jump In!

This is a great tour for everyone who wants to experience Mayan nature, history and culture.

The Cabanas
The Cabanas
The Cabanas
The Cabanas


We have comfortable Rustic Cabanas in Nuevo Durango which are offered by the cooperative Aktun Jaleeb.  Feeling more adventurous? Try camping outdoors in Laguna Chabela and experience true stargazing!

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