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2nd Food Drive of 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The morning of Wednesday December 9th started out with Patty, Cecilia from Laguna Chabela, Missey and our driver Victor meeting up at the local City Club to do the shopping for food and basic necessities. Thanks to all the people who donated to Dreams for Mayan Children we were able to fill 3 large carts full to the brim!

Once we finished shopping, loaded up the van, picked up our friend Dulce, we headed out to our first stop at Laguna Chabela. The drive out there is absolutely beautiful. You pass miles and miles of virgin jungle, no signs or buildings to distract your view. Along the way you pass through a couple very tiny pueblos with kids and dogs playing in the streets.

Along the secluded back road that we were on is an unmarked, dirt road that leads to the three-family settlement located on a breathtaking lagoon. We are only able to go so far with the van on that dirt road and from there it was a HIKE to arrive to where the people actually live. The 4 of us had to make 3 adventurous trips to get all the items down to the lagoon. So fun!

Patty, Dulce & Victor

One of the "Palapas" or rustic style shelters.

Cecilia & Rosi

Melanie & Moises

After everything was brought down to the palapa each one of us were gifted with a hand-made bracelet or necklace and then given a tour of the area.

To see some really amazing photos of flowers, animals and other exciting things from the area follow the link and check out our album on Facebook called, The Beauty of the Mayan Jungle.


Campamento Hidalgo

At Campamento Hidalgo we set up an assembly line, asked the residents to bring containers and we rationed out the food that we had brought.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed and made this mission possible. We wish we could have done more but we hope that at least this gave the families a little bit of relief during these hard times.

A BIG thanks to the following supporters:

Lucina Segars, Eliza Santos, Anabel Guedea, Edith Rico, Tiffany Mosher, Adriana ACEVEDO, Juanita Cabrera, Ana Badillo, Aracely Vazquez, Randle Breckenridge, Roberta Mendoza, Ryan Castillo, Maricela Rich, Kari Ruder, Emily Traylor, Hansel Kasten,, Peter Kirn, Tutay Fasano, and Harjit Dhillon.

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