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2020-2021 Updates

Dreams For Mayan Children

2020-2021 Update

DMC Team Members:







Enrique (Nuevo Durango Community Liaison)


Even though we have been in a pandemic, DMC has been fortunate enough to be working on different projects which will result in a positive financial impact for the community of Nuevo Durango during this difficult time. I want to thank everyone for their part in making dreams come true for many children. Let’s keep it going!


DMC has always taken into consideration the opinions and needs of the community before we move forward with any projects. Giving us that strong connection with the community. These are the top 5 requests from the community 1 being the most important. Of course, we will have to see if we can allocate funding for items 3-5 in the future. We have to take into consideration what covid has done to our economy and available grants we can apply for.

Nuevo Durango Goals (per Enrique)

1. Finish phase 2 Foster Hope/ AidNow Kindergarten restoration. Funds have been sent to Enrique on 11/12/20 to begin phase 2 and should be completed within 1-2 months.

This is from when we began...

Here are the recent photos from the construction....

2. New construction for the middle school / CONAFE has built the outer shell of the classroom but DMC will finish the project. Thanks to Gen, we have a group of university students from New York City working on a new grant to fund this project. This project will begin in 2021.

3. The need for a purification system for drinking water.

4. Ambulance / medical supplies.

Future Grants

New 2021 Grant - developed by students

1. Thanks to Gen, we have a group of students from Syracuse University located in New York working on our next grant as their assessment for their semester. This is an exciting opportunity for us! We have had several ZOOM meetings and discussed the expectations of this project and the ongoing preparation of the new grant. Who else would like to be involved in this process?

New Grant will be used for the new middle school construction that has been partially built by CONAFE. Enrique has sent photos and information on what the new classroom needs. He has also been assigned as DMC community liaison/project manager for Nuevo Durango.

2. DMC will be searching for new grant opportunities in 2021-2022, such as KELLOGG FOUNDATION as well as others.

Updates with Positive Legacy

I have been in contact with Kristen from PL, she hopes we are all well, & hopes that 2021 is a better year. She states that as soon as they can support us with a grant they will let us know. She also wants us involved in a Day of Service when the time is right. In the meantime, we can only wish this situation resolves soon.

December Events

  1. Food Drive distribution to 3 communities - 12/5/20 ($1.600.00 from past fundraiser)

  2. AidNow Fostering Hope Completion celebration in Nuevo Durango - 12/12/20 to 12/13/20.

  3. Kaiser Permanente Emergency Dept will be sponsoring Toy & Musical Instruments Christmas Fundraiser this month , November 2020. Which means Santa Clause will be visiting the communities bringing happiness to kids during this difficult time. As usual the communities have agreed and we will monitor the amount of plastic & be eco friendly to the environment.

2021 Scholarship Programs

One of our biggest goals for 2021 is to support those students from indigenous communities in achieving a higher education. DMC wants to give them the opportunity of them reaching their goals! We will be exploring ways to offer a scholarship to those that want to continue their education!

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