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Christmas Toy Drive 2020

Updated: Dec 16, 2020


Despite being in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and economic hard times, the generosity to the Dreams for Mayan Children 2020 Toy Drive was incredible!

Patty set up a donation box at the hospital where she works to collect toys and also accepted monetary donations via Facebook and the website. With that she and Missey (myself) were able to buy more toys once Patty arrived to Mexico. With the trunk full, we set out for Nuevo Durango.

Once we arrived we were greeted by our community liaison, Enrique Wilcab, who dressed up and handed out the toys to the children as Santa Claus. He did an amazing job! He had all the children smiling and all the adults thoroughly entertained!

Once we made sure that all the children in Nuevo Durango received a toy we set out for the next community, Punta Laguna. At this next stop Patty dressed up as Santa to hand out the toys and some much needed clothes!

We would like to recognize the following angels that helped bring so many smiles to the Mayan children this holiday season! Please be sure to spread the love and generosity during this hard time! We wish you happy 2020 holidays!


Pure Paradise Travel & Kaiser Permanente

Erin Dagle, Teresa Avina-Heredia, Wendy Pineda, Diana Karina Bruno, Maria Elena Padilla-Santacruz, Heidi Lee, Ana Badillo, Rose Ann Carillo-Crosthwaite, Maricela Rich, Greatchen Miran Agustin, Matt Camuto, Eliza Santos, Tom Filer, Lalia Fox, Sherri Case, Ryan Castillo, Roberta Mendoza, Silvia Fernandez, Martha GIrondo, LUIS, Janine Tijam, Danielle Faulkner, David Villa, Michael Williams, Edith Rico, Genevieve Carlton, Lidia Renteria, Jockson Estrada, James Malloy, Joanne Elamparo and Tiffany Mosher.

If you would like to learn more about how you can make an impact, visit our Volunteer / Donate page.



From all of the team at Dreams for Mayan Children we would like to thank Kaiser Permanente and those that have already donated a very BIG THANK YOU for your support in the Christmas Toy Drive 2020! We will be collecting monetary donations to buy more gifts until December 8, 2020 and Santa will be delivering the toys to the communities on December 13th.

If you would like to make a contribution you may follow the link to our official Paypal.

We would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season!

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