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Food Drive 2020

Helping out in Nuevo Durango during Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic poses a grave threat to indigenous people throughout the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, not only health wise but just as important, economically. Many small rural communities tucked away in the jungle rely solely on tourism and due to the pandemic all tourism cas to halt leaving many communities without income for months. Many members of the community have small farms but what they produce is not enough to support everyone. These communities have achieved a sustainable and holistic lifestyle, a simple lifestyle co-existing with nature however the current pandemic has created an ongoing struggle for many to provide their families with just the basics. They have created unique and authentic tours using their own resources within their community such as caves, cenotes (watery sinkholes), and lodging. We highly recommend visiting Nuevo Durango when the pandemic ends and we all start to travel. If you are interested in seeing what the community has to offer check out our Travel the Mayan Route page.

In July 2020 a small group in San Diego, California came together to raise $400 USD for our 1st annual food drive. Awesome job! It’s amazing to see people caring for others even though they are 3000 miles away. In these times more than ever it’s about caring and giving no matter where we live.

The DMC team came together in Mexico for the next step in the mission to help the community. Because of local regulations only Patty and Missey were able to do the shopping in Playa del Carmen, the touristic town about one hour and a half from Nuevo Durango. We bought rice, beans, cooking oil, oatmeal, pasta, canned tuna, and cookies for the kids, dog food and cleaning supplies! It was a GREAT FEELING!

Then off we went! We took the beautiful drive in 2 vehicles to deliver all the goodies to the community. Because we also practice sustainability and care for the environment, we decided not to pre bag food but to have the families bring their own jars, bottles and bowls to fill. It was such a wonderful event and all the community were forever grateful!

We want to thank the following Super Heroes for donating!

Jessica Lacarra, Luciano Lacarra, Maricela Rich, Dalila Sandoval,Kari Ruder,Tiffany Mosher, Juanita Cabrera, Magaley Encinas,Martha G, Hansel K.

Since this was a success we are planning another fundraiser with our friends at  to help other communities in need. 

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