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Continuing the Education Program with new laptops!

An aspiring teacher
Litze Michel, an aspiring teacher!

The education program that we started in Nuevo Durango has been one of the most important projects for DMC. We continuously try to provide the essential materials that the children need and are currently renovating the kindergarten school room to make it a more comfortable space for all that use it. Our latest news that we are excited to share is that our partner organization, Positive Legacy, has donated 6 laptops to the community. Positive Legacy is a United States based organization that coordinates environmental and humanitarian service projects fueled by the power of music! We are so very grateful to be in partnership with them. The ‘Hero's for the future Project” is based on those students at university level achieving their bachelor degree and are from rural communities with the passion and drive of achieving their goals!

On July 18th, we were proud to award the 1st laptop to our inspiring student Litze Michel Koh May who is 1 year into the program. She is 20 years old, born and raised in Nuevo Durango, a small Mayan indigenous community with a population of 230 in the Municipal of Lazaro Cardenas in the state of Quintana Roo. She lives with her mother, father and sister all together in a humble 2 bedroom home. Michel is currently enrolled in The University of Valladolid in Yucatan and is in a 3 year bachelor degree program through the National Council for Educational Development (CONAFE), as teachers of Basic Education for indigenous communities. The first 2 years are in a classroom setting and for her last year she will be working on her hand on internship. The CONAFE program will assign her to her own classroom in a rural community where she will have the chance to share all her learning experience with many beautiful children.

Michel travels 1hr ½ to get to her school from her home. She stays all week and returns home on the weekends. She finds transportation to the city with others heading the same way. With her new laptop she will be able to complete her daily assignments and due to Covid-19 they are 100% online teaching for the moment. Her dream is to become a teacher in one of many rural communities where Spanish and Mayan languages will be taught. There she says, she will touch the lives of many children and give them the best education for their future

We will follow Michel through her journey and share her progress with all of you!

We continue to take applications, searching for those who will benefit from this program.

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