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Our Projects

Over the years as a non-profit organization in Mexico, we have come to develop a strong connection with several indigenous communities throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. We are proud to say we are considered family to many and have seen many children flourish into responsible young adults.  We believe that education is essential to survive in modern society while preserving their traditions and cultures in many beautiful villages where simplicity is honored.  The main core of DMC is a group of  6 passionate  women, Gen from New Jersey,  Crystal from Playa del Carmen (but moved to Mexico city), Dulce from Playa, Missey our web and graphic designer from Playa, Laura and Patty from San Diego. Even though we live at a distance, they all come together and make projects happen  with one goal, giving the best of themselves for the benefit of improving the lives of  children and bringing  tons of smiles. When we develop projects they are creative, educational and lots of fun for the kids.



To continue having children reach their dreams by providing programs to enable them to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible and independent individuals who can go into modern society but never forget their heritage. There are many small villages throughout the Yucatan Peninsula that are not government runned and rely only on a small budget  which means they could use some TLC.  We want to be able to provide the opportunity for a better education.  We hope to spread the word of our cause to achieve more sponsors to financially support us.  

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